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Dr. Qaisar Abbas Fatimi

Dr. Qaisar Abbas Fatimi

Ph.D Marketing, MBA Digital Marketing, MA Political Science

Author, Researcher, Marketing Consultant

Dr. Qaisar Abbas Fatimi is celebrated for his comprehensive expertise and pioneering contributions in the fields of marketing research, data analytics, digital marketing, and strategic marketing planning. He holds a PhD in Marketing and is noted for his deep commitment to integrating academic theory with practical applications in the marketing sector.

Professional Highlights

Current Role:

Dr. Fatimi is actively involved as a Support Specialist at Advanced Technology Bureau Payment Services in Dubai, UAE, where he manages and troubleshoots POS systems, and provides extensive customer and technical support. He also provides marketing consultancy services on this platform. 

Academic Achievements:

Authored pivotal books on marketing including "Marketing: Theory, Practice and Perspectives" and "Marketing Management," which have been influential in the field.

Research Excellence:

His scholarly work includes significant publications such as "Evaluating The Efficacy Of Machine Learning Algorithms In Forecasting Consumer Behavior Trends In The Realm Of Digital Marketing" among others that highlight his focus on the intersection of technology and marketing.

Educational Summary

Educational Background:

Dr. Qaisar Abbas Fatimi has studied extensively, earning his PhD and MBA in Digital Marketing from WGU USA, enhancing his theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


His professional certifications include Google Analytics, Digital Marketing from Google Digiskills, and various others from platforms like Amazon WS and Microsoft, underlining his continuous effort to stay at the forefront of marketing technology.

Global Involvement:

Dr. Fatimi is based in Dubai, UAE, but participates in research-based conferences globally, reflecting his dynamic engagement with the international marketing community.

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