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Press Release Distribution

We take your stories to the headlines, because we belieave that every step of your life and achievement needs a record and commendation. So, let this be the next press release. 

Boost Visibility and Awareness

Press releases are powerful tools to increase your company’s visibility and public awareness. They allow you to share significant updates, such as new products or services, business expansions, and corporate achievements. This widespread dissemination helps attract the attention of potential customers and stakeholders

Establish Credibility

Utilizing press releases helps establish your business as a credible and authoritative source in your industry. This is particularly effective when you disseminate factual, newsworthy content that the media and public view as trustworthy. This credibility can be crucial during new product launches or corporate announcements, setting a positive tone for your brand's reputation

Crisis Management

In times of crisis, a well-crafted press release can be a vital tool to manage the narrative. By proactively providing your side of the story, you can prevent misinformation and maintain control over the situation, thereby safeguarding your brand’s image

Enhance SEO and Online Presence

Press releases can significantly boost your SEO efforts. By including targeted keywords and distributing through various media outlets, your release can enhance online visibility. This leads to higher search engine rankings, which increases organic traffic to your website and improves overall digital marketing efforts​

How it Works?

STEP 1: Create It

Get started by crafting your initial press release. Whether it's about a groundbreaking survey, a new business location, a big sale, a product launch, or any other newsworthy event, your story matters. We ensure that your news reaches the right audience by distributing it to media professionals who can amplify your message. This initial exposure aims to enhance your online visibility and bolster your business presence.

STEP 2: Optimize It

Enhance your press release to transform it into a significant online marketing tool. With strategic keyword integration, appropriate category selection, and multimedia additions like YouTube videos and images, your press release is designed to capture attention. Tailoring content to resonate with your audience boosts engagement and maximizes the impact of your announcements.

STEP 3: Distribute It

Spread your news widely with our comprehensive distribution across major websites, search engines, and over 150 media outlets. Our service is designed to generate buzz and elevate your online presence effectively. By choosing our platform for your press release distribution, you ensure that your PR campaign achieves success with maximum exposure and extensive coverage.

STEP 4: Promote It

Leverage our expertise in press release promotion, a dynamic and evolving field. We use industry best practices to market your press releases to targeted audiences and media partners effectively. Our approach ensures that your press release receives extensive coverage and reaches the most relevant and dedicated sectors of your market.

How to write a press release?
(alternatively, you may ask us to write for you)

Step 1: Create Your Press Release

Start by crafting a press release that's clear, newsworthy, and informative. Focus on genuine announcements like business milestones, product launches, or significant company events. Ensure the headline reflects the news value to catch immediate attention.

Step 2: Ensure Quality and Tone

Write in a professional, third-person tone without direct self-references except in quotes. Keep the language clear and free of jargon to ensure accessibility and accuracy. Aim for engaging yet straightforward content that conveys your message without promotional fluff.

Step 3: Verify Accuracy

For sensitive content, particularly legal or criminal matters, provide all necessary documentation like case numbers and court details to support the claims. This helps maintain credibility and meets our thorough verification process.

Step 4: Provide Complete Contact Info

Include a valid email address and phone number in your press release to ensure it's traceable and adds to the authenticity of the content. This is crucial for follow-ups or clarifications needed by the media.

Step 5: Check Content Length and Quality

Press releases should be concise yet detailed enough, ideally between 250 and 2000 words. Ensure the summary is succinct, and the content is free from spelling and grammatical errors. Avoid overly promotional language and focus on factual, informative content.

Step 6: Follow Formatting Rules

Submit your press release without HTML tags, excessive capitalization, or unconventional formatting that could detract from readability. Stick to standard text formats to maintain professionalism.

Final Verification:

Before submission, ensure your press release does not include prohibited content such as overly promotional material, unsupported claims, or offensive language. Adhere to guidelines against publishing content related to adult content, gambling, unverified health claims, or financial schemes.

Submission and Distribution:

Once your press release meets these criteria, submit it for review. Our editorial team will evaluate it for compliance with our standards before distribution. This ensures that your content is positioned for the best possible impact.


Our platform reserves the right to reject content that doesn't meet our standards or that poses legal risks. Always double-check your submission against our detailed guidelines to ensure compliance and maximize the likelihood of approval. Remember, a well-crafted press release can significantly enhance your company's visibility and credibility. Use this opportunity responsibly to share meaningful news that enhances your public profile.



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